Tthere are many reasons why a film of Anthem could be very profitable.

1.  Ayn Rand's growing readership
Ayn Rand's books have sold over 26 million copies, and her popularity is growing.  In 1957, Ayn Rand's most famous novel, Atlas Shrugged, sold 70,000 copies, while 2009 sales were over 500,000.  This is an extraordinary growth in popularity for a book over fifty years old.  During part of 2009, Atlas Shrugged was the best selling book on in the US Literature and Fiction category.  Through the end of 2009, Atlas Shrugged has sold 7 million copies, while Anthem has sold 5 million copies.  Movie adaptations of best-selling authors have an advantage over other movies, since they have a built-in potential audience base.  Customarily, books of best-selling authors are eagerly acquired by movie production companies, and this is an opportunity where the author has been a best-seller for over sixty years.

2.  Ayn Rand's growing mention in the media
As the American economy declines and its politicians implement ever-growing control over the citizenry, more and more media figures are mentioning Ayn Rand as a prescient thinker.  Her name is mentioned frequently by popular media figures John Stossel, Dennis Miller, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and many others.  Additionally, quotes from her novels are appearing at the increasingly popular Tea Parties.  This helps build audience awareness of Rand, even if they have never read her works.

3.  Controversy
Ayn Rand's ideological positions on religion, economics, reason, and egoism make her a controversial thinker.  Yet a degree of controversy can be a good thing from a marketing perspective.  Avatar, Titanic and The Passion of the Christ were highly controversial movies while being made.  This created numerous media stories and an audience eager to see what all the coverage was about, leading eventually to greater revenue.

4.  Anthem is the Least Controversial of Rand's Works
Although the body of Ayn Rand's ideas are controversial, Anthem is arguably her least contentious novel.  While most liberals may be uninterested in an adaptation of the pro-capitalist Atlas Shrugged, a wide spectrum of the press and public would be sympathetic to the idea in Anthem that the individual must be left free from a totalitarian dictatorship.

5.  Longevity
As more and more people are attracted to Ayn Rand's ideas, her popularity will continue to grow.  Unlike most movies, which are forgotten months after they are released, Anthem could attract viewers, and earn revenue, for decades.

6.  Relative low cost of production
Whereas today's average film is made with a budget of $35,000,000, Anthem will be produced for $5,800,000.  (This budget will be reduced to $3,800,000, when Michigan tax incentives are factored in.)  This low budget, combined with the reasons above, improves the possibility of the project being profitable. Serious potential investors can contact us to obtain a detailed budget.

7.  Well-known actors are attracted to Ayn Rand's works
According to referenced sources at wikipedia, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, and Brad Pitt have all expressed interest in starring in a movie adaptation of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. This is evidence that named actors would be open to considering starring in Anthem. Although named actors would increase the proposed budget, it would be more than offset by increased revenue that named actors generate.