Anthem Promotional Videos

These scenes, directed by Greg Bowyer, are from his adaptation of Anthem.

When approaching a feature film project, filmmakers often shoot test scenes to help them develop the characters and the proper shooting style for the story. The following preparatory scenes were shot on a small budget and do not project the visual richness that would be possible with a fully budgeted film.

After showing these scenes to several Hollywood agencies, Hannah Beck was able to secure representation at the prestigious Gage Group.

Light Scene

Equality 7-2521 has studied science and the properties of electricity for months in a secret chamber from the past. This is the night he has worked for. Although he has been beaten down by years of social conditioning, he masters a step in his personal growth, which sets the stage for his rise to challenge, and conquer, his oppressors.

Field Scene

It is a future Dark Age, where everyone has accepted the collectivist ideal that society takes precedence over the individual. Yet two workers, Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000, overcome their indoctrination and guilt to pursue a private, romantic relationship.



Equality 7-2521 Matt Linhardt
Liberty 5-3000 Hannah Beck
International 4-8818 Kai Lambert
Farm woman Anne Arreguin
Farm woman Cristina Balmores


Writer, director, editor Greg Bowyer
Director of Photography Sean Conaty
Set design/locations Harry Newman
Costume Design Ruby Newman
Music Michael G. Shapiro
Make-up Kurumi Uchino
Key Grip Lance Allen
Lighting Sebastian Bueno
Lighting Pat Perez
PA Delion Weins
PA Ryan Neary
Stills Fawaz Al-Matrouk