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We were impressed by their knowledge and professionalism and thrilled when we saw the final product. But, when we began to see the phenomenal response of our customers, we were completely blown away. If you are in business, you should tell your story with Anthem Film.

Ken, PostNet

creating a great brand story

We have combined over a decade of marketing with over a decade of visual storytelling to get this formula just right. It’s where art, story and emotion meet a brand’s features, value proposition and distinctive.


It is said that a 1-minute video is worth 1.8 million words– but we ask, “Are they the RIGHT words?”

Your audience retains nearly 10 times more of your message when it’s a video, but is that message your anthem?


You need experienced, creative professionals when it comes to aerial filmmaking. Brands have been hiring us for over a decade, and we are FAA certified drone pilots.