Post-Production Editing After a Studio Session Starting at $75!

We’ve never offered editing under $300 per video because there was never a way for us to do it without losing money…until now.

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STEP ONE: Scene Setup

This first step only has to be done one time for each “scene” that was recorded in the studio. Changing backdrops, wardrobes, position of cameras, etc, all require a new “scene” and the following Scene Setup editing process:

A. Sync two camera angles together
B. Color grade for that specific scene
C. Resize “landscape” to “portrait” aspect ratio for social media
D. Level and adjust dialogue audio captured by studio microphones

Price is a flat rate, no matter the length, as long as recording did not stop. 

Example of Baseline Edit

STEP TWO: Baseline Edit

This second step is the only one of the two that needs to be repeated for each new video clip in the same scene, saving you the significant cost of editing new Scene Setups when shooting outside of our studio.

A. Search entire scene to find the “best takes” on a given topic or theme
B. Re-arrange these clips, cutting out “ums” and “uhs,” to create a succinct powerful short video, making you sound like a rockstar!
C. Add client-supplied outro, logo and/or website, text or call-to-action

Price is determined based on the length of the clip starting at 30 seconds in edited length. 

Example of Baseline Edit with added soundtrack and b-roll

Add Licensed Soundtrack

A. Search sound libraries for the perfect soundtrack
B. Edit soundtrack length to match video length with proper ending
C. Edit soundtrack levels throughout video to match different tones

Add B-roll That’s Already Been Shot

A. Search folders for the perfect b-roll clips
B. Edit b-roll to correct length and correct position within video
C. Color grade all b-roll clips

Add Titles and/or Captions

This is an option for us to add these natively on the video. Alternatively, you can have your marketing agency add them within Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.